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2763524895_2b45b1b807_mJanuary 12, 2010
People who ‘talk’ for hope of profit and, walk to a different tune in their private lives are ‘pure and simple’, charlatans of the highest order, in polite terms. The world has been dominated by deception and lies for all recorded history. Now is the time for a new start with all necessary information on how to better see the facts and truth, even though it may require an inner intelligence to discern what’s true from the nonsense. The time for ‘self serving greed’ is on trial if people do the research and, take a ‘stand for honesty and truth’.

At the moment politicians, religious leaders, corporations (including banks), service industries, and really, ‘all the living’, are being challenged to be transparent and, not being ‘impostors of the truth’ that negatively affects others. The truth in it’s utter nudity is an eraser of charades. Women, in particular, no longer are required to be ‘baby factories’ while the male hunts for food and often leads a private life that’s a ‘charade’ to not only his wife but all who encounter him. Now with the opportunities for both males and females reaching for an equality, the creation of a new conscious man and woman is imperative for the evolution of the individual as well as society.

In rural places and backward countries, still the ways of the ‘ancients’ where woman is a baby factory, continues. Mohammed had 9 wives (one he married when she was 6) mainly for the purpose that served spreading his ‘ideology’. He allowed other followers to have 4 wives for the purpose of ‘numbers’ that would strengthen the position of what are now called Muslims. Today, women are equal and the charade is no longer necessary. In fact, perhaps some women might serve society better at the moment to have 9 husbands! Perhaps it would be useful for many men to experience some of the conditions that women were required to accept. Certainly, one woman and 9 men would counter the growth of the population explosion that a man with multiple wives would have. Women were baby factories and now women can have babies from a ‘sperm bank’ factory!

No longer does it work well to play ‘charades’ or, giving one impression while secretly living another. The lights are on and all ‘games of lies’ will eventually be uncovered. Being someone other than who you really are is to self destruct, while finding and knowing the real self creates a harmony within each and contributing to a more evolving society.

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