3337741086_59a9fa015c_mJanuary 13, 2010
Sweeping who you are under the rug makes for a bumpy rug that never gets straightened out. Being someone other than who you really are behind the mask, no matter how pretty the mask, leads one to identify with and think they are the mask! ‘Coming out’ after figuring out the puzzle of who’s been hiding behind the mask is to ‘rise in real love’ with the self and, attract that same energy in others.

Short cutting the truth to impress what gets you the most attention by pretending to be what you are not, is a ‘house of cards’ that will not only fall in the world but, into a type of despair within. Seriousness builds the ‘coverup’. Fear of what other’s may think and judge builds a wall of defensiveness that distorts the reality particularly, when most everyone else is wearing a mask. Halloween comes 395 days a year when people insist on coverup the truth.

The ‘ego’ of seriousness and the fear of ‘being who you really are’ continually slaps paint on ‘looking good’ at the expense of the self discovery of one’s inner qualities. Laughing at oneself and seeing the ‘ridiculousness’ of the world around with an open heart, changes one and, the perception of the outer world. To die with the mask still on is to keep people lingering with the false memory of you and, tragically, while they continue their ‘charade’!

There is no end but, the beginning of being who you really are inspite of what others think. To spend life putting on the ‘false front’ which is really one saying, as the rooster crows, and, the game begins each new day endlessly, that a repeat performance is going to get anything but the ‘clapping’ of other noodle brains’, is to believe in the ‘good fairy’. It’s indicative that one has become the mask! The ‘march of the masked’ is ‘charading’ all over the world like a ‘voodoo dance’ that might just conjure up another, different result or, ‘act’.

It’s time to expose, in all it’s nudity, who is really behind that ‘charade of masks’! It’s no joke if one can’t begin by laughing off the whole ‘rehearsal’ for life to begin but, for being stuck on the rehearsal. Start by laughing all the way to an authentic you that finds love where it always was smiling – deep inside waiting for discovering you with no masks! Laugh, especially inside, and the ego disappears! No paint or tattoo jobs are needed when a ‘love job’ is waiting within for the love prospector.

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