InJoy Insults!

113989885_28aa4ae901_mJanuary 11, 2010
Most ‘condemnation’ comes from within! People are rarely not ‘hooked into’ the opinions and ideologies or, ancient dogma, of others. Like writing on ancient scrolls, they have been replaced by computers with infinite, instant access to desired knowledge and, even common sense or, many forms of intelligence like ‘intuition’. Insults from others are either misinterpretations or, judgments that are either usually ones the ‘insulter’ forgets soon or, reflects his own ‘self condemnation!

Insulating oneself from what are perceived as insults, is to condemn the self’s ability to absorb ‘storms of the mind’ that pass with the winds of another moment on it’s way. To isolate oneself from criticism is to paralyze one from both ‘knowing oneself’ as well as, to lower ones impression in others eyes, who are compassionate enough to ‘walk on thin ice’ around you.

To cling to the ‘old’ ways and ideologies from ancient times is to know only the stifling of inner growth of the self. Why be part of a significant portion of society that keeps the planet in the dark, fearful, violent times where the amelioration of religions have not been successful in raising the planets consciousness but a fraction of what is now ‘mandatory’ to the growing gap between technology (some of which can destroy life) and, the retarded evolution of the human condition.

There are better alternatives available to break from the old into a new consciousness that has no need to follow worn out habits and ideologies. The ‘new Adam and Eve’ are the youth of the world who collectively create a new and positive consciousness over the planet. If the elders want to suffer in their apathy and self condemning, let them die!

The elders are in the best position in leading to a better world but, most of them settle in to giving up and assuming a life of retiring into ‘old ways’ of unconcern. There is no group who should have more wisdom and, TIME to make a difference than elder citizens of the world. The young are too busy learning, fighting wars, working, raising families, paying off education loans coupled with investments, chasing pipe dreams and so forth, to be of the value to make anywhere near the difference that those in their ‘glory years’ of their lives are better equipped to make. Age should create an ability to love deeper and, let all setbacks and condemnations roll like ‘water off a ducks back’! The ’old’ must suffer condemnation for not doing their part in making it a better world or, with compassion, rise to the occasion!

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