Living in Shadows

3510412491_776da80f4e_mJanuary 8, 2010
After infinite ‘millenniums’ of darkness, the lights are on for humanity, however, few have come out of the ‘shadows’ of fears. A dog born now is not unlike the dog that was born before everyone living now, was born. A dog is a dog with little or no changes from centuries ago. Sadly, the same goes for humanity but with ‘hi-tech’! Only humans have the wherewithal to evolve to a state of a Buddha or Christ. Opportunity comes once in time – that time is now. The environment is ready for the birth of a new humanity and, a new, real you!

There is an expression to ‘First take care of your own home before trying to fix someone else’s’. Problem is, not only do people not fix their own but, are too busy with the outer world to even be really concerned about helping others! Home is where the ‘gold’ is hidden inside the layers of unnoticed, unattended qualities that lie dormant waiting for their discovery and use. Mankind is ‘penny wise (?) but, dollar foolish when it comes to seeing that the answers he chases on the outside are all inside.

Coming out of the dark closets because of the fears of judgments are and have been very real, but… Whether you’re a woman, a gay, a black or any maligned minority, the veils of judgment are being lifted for all to relax and focus on loving themselves with hearts open! What lurks in the hearts and minds of man is the shadow of fear! Fear causes the shadows and darkness, translating into the inability to see what’s inside instead, opting to ‘chase the tail’ to find it’s part of you.

Self damage doesn’t repair itself without a decision to move into consciousness and, seeking the solutions. Inside each of us is a perfection, a divine being. The only difference between a Buddha and you is that the light is on inside for him to see all and, just be. All but a rare few have kept themselves in the dark to what blessings are inside.
There is an invisible knob to turn the lights up and clean out the mess that hides in the dark. When the light within is on, so the individual can see and manifest acknowledgment in a myriad of ways that the door to a new world has been opened. The ‘coast is clear’ to come out and fill the empty heart with the love that is but a seed within, waiting for the moment. That moment is NOW!

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