Spiritual Enema

3295058798_1c8134777b_mJanuary 9, 2010
Get your shit moving! Reverse the pump! If one is ever going to ‘stand on the mountaintop of consciousness, it’s necessary to detach from the lingering attached demons, fears, crazy thoughts, and general garbage that clings both to the heart and mind. The open heart, clear of ‘mind obstacles’ is where superconsciousness is stored, but for a ‘spiritual enema’! The mind must be clear to fill the heart and, paradoxically the heart must be filled with love to put the mind in a superconsciousness mode.

Beings walking ‘in the light’ walk in awareness, with discernment, as to each ‘best step’. To walk in the spiritual is to rid the string of ‘shopping carts’ with negativities, fears, belief systems, apathy, angers, unresolved issues, hatreds, attachment to ego, self insubordination, foolishness, jealousy, and, anything less that another possible higher selection. Having certain negatives for the purpose of survival, of course, is not the same as being attached to them. For example, it may be natural to have passing moments of anger, jealousy and various fears as they can have practical uses. Having no fear for example, is to ignore an essential means to warn one of dangers such as, ‘crossing the street’.

Shit begets shit! Consciousness of the heart attracts others conscious of the heart or those open to evolving into their heart. Certain qualities protect the beauty of many vulnerabilities among them is discernment or, the ability to select the better choices from the many. Also, is “‘righteous indignation’ as a protective device. Righteous means acting in accord with divine or moral law or free from guilt or sin. It may also refer to a morally right or justifiable decision or action or to an action which arises from an outraged sense of justice or morality. “Indignation” is anger aroused by something unjust, mean, or unworthy.

No one wants to be attached to being a ‘douche bag’! Alway, when fully connected to the heart, one is ‘unattached’ to otherwise negative emotions instead using them as a ‘positive device’ for seeking and experiencing positive results and, taking the high road! An applicable saying is ‘turning shit into fertilizer’ or, just doing a ‘spiritual enema’ to clean out the old and put in the ‘positive’!

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