Trusting Trust

3193535590_b51d6ae719_mJanuary 5, 2010
Trusting or, having faith that a cloud in the sky will be there later is the wrong use of trust as well as, foolhardy. ‘Right use of trust’ avoids disappointment. Trust instead that the ‘cloud’ won’t be in the same place. ‘Trust’ is to be fairly certain and yet ‘not knowing’. To ‘know’ doesn’t need trust IF the knowing is true. We know the sky will be there at any time we look up into it. To know obviates having to trust.

Trusting many of those who express ‘love’ is like trusting that cloud to be in the same place. Love is commonly expressed much as the phrase ‘have a nice day’. Rarely is one’s love unconditional and, usually subject to changing circumstances, whatever they might be. Trust ‘love’ to be conditional and, at best a nice thing to say unless, it’s beyond the faith that it will always remain and when possible, demonstrate it’s truth.

Whether ‘faith’ or trust, always consider the source while having ‘aware trust’ in your higher self. Knowing and deeply loving oneself gives an inner light to see truth from falsity. That which requires ‘faith or trust’ needs to be examined with rational care for the possibility of it’s being ‘false’ because of an agenda. Trust your deep heart with awareness and, discernment for truth.

Trust that some use what they perceive as truth unconsciously or, consciously and, unscrupulously to get what they want! ‘Trust’ is used by the manipulators of life to get what they desire often regardless of the consequences that may go wrong for the other. The word ‘trust’ can be used by the insincere to put one on hold so that they can assure themselves to trust you getting what they want. Trust has infinite levels and degrees of dependability – that can be trusted. Generally ‘trust’ is more reliable than faith which has more of an element of ‘hope’ of the imagination. Be leery of the imagination that lures one into a state of ‘false trust’ or, unreliable projections. Real trust in love feels as good as one who knows and loves themselves. Trusting consciously is a step to ‘knowing’ automatically without questions or doubts. Right use of trust is intelligent. When the other ‘shuffles the deck of cards’ always cut them yourself! ‘Know’ rather than rely on faith or trust! Trust that the divine is within you!

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