Never Been InLove?

212584420_9269507546_mJanuary 6, 2010
To finish life and, to never have been in a deep, mutual love can be a ‘heart tragedy’ for the sensitive, which mostly all are. Substitutes for ‘real love’ shared with another are just that, ‘substitutes’, that still leave the heart yearning. It’s never too late but finding the right, vulnerable path tract is mysterious to most. Truth be told, very, very few experience a deep mutual ‘in love’ state.

Last night, I watched the premier this season of a reality show called, ‘The Biggest Loser’, where severely overweight people are put through a rigorous education and physical training program for 6 months to come to a normal weight. It caught my attention that many said they wanted to experience being in love and certainly didn’t feel being fat was conducive to that. Out of thirty or forty participants, just a few mentioned that desire but, in my experience, there was likely none who had experienced the ‘love’ they were capable of. The ‘love’ that everyone is capable of, eludes all but a very few. The good news is, it’s accessible. The bad news is, it’s not easy to find when looking in all the wrong places and, what is needed to attract it.

Intimacy (in-to-me-I-see) is the start and, without a deep love of self, there will only be fading peaks of hope-love that disappear into thin air. It all needs to be accepted that ‘love’ begins within and, that may be a journey that ‘self fears’ do their best to avoid. Billions of souls will come and go with only glimpses, at best, of ‘being in love’, sadly. What is needed is a ‘rearrangement’ of the identification with the mind and, that will include ‘detaching’ the infinite blocks. Meditation will help to a degree but without a guide, along with that, the possibilities narrow to near impossibility.

Jumping into a relationship unprepared in ‘loving oneself’, with another who likely doesn’t either is to, at best, be dumped into a ‘practical relationship’ where love is little more than a duty. Success in the outer world has NOTHING to do with that in the inner world. When having to choose, always choose the inner. Money buys ‘fake love’, not the real thing. Mastering love with no connections with one who has, is akin to a sports star who seeks perfection without guidance from compassionate, skilled experience. Life comes with love but, the love is hidden in layers of depth that must have the ‘grounds’ prepared. There is no better time for the journey to love than NOW!

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