Mother Goose People

487231750_3c6bf889f1_mJanuary 7, 2010
A ticket, a tasket – Baa baa black sheep – Birds of a feather flock together! These are beginnings to rhymes for children however, the vast majority of people are still stuck in the fantasy world of a ‘bubble to protect them’ from all things that can be interpreted different than they are meant or, perhaps are ‘truths’ that break the ‘bubble’ of their ‘box of fantasies’ that they are attached to, to avoid reality.

The world is just beginning to awaken after millions of years of ‘sleep’ however, the vast majority are still sucking on the bottle of believing ‘ideologies’ that control them, often starting with parents who cling to the same blanket that the comic character ‘Linus’ did. With three words or less, most people will enter into the world of the ‘nut job on freakout steroids’. Words are just sounds that can’t be understood by 90% of the world even if they thought they knew what they meant. They have no meaning to the birds and bees, let alone the beautiful trees or the fishes in the sea. Only ‘repressed, self vilified, fragile minded people find ways to send themselves into a tizzy frenzy.

Eeenie meenie, miney, mo catch a t(n)igger by his toe, if he hollers let him go! I was well over 20 years old before I had any idea that ‘nigger’ was a ‘no-no word’! As kids we used ‘catch a nigger …’ and, none of us knew from tigger or nigger! An evolving culture takes all words that many assume are ‘derogatory’ and, gives them new meaning or, don’t even relate to the negative meaning. Several years ago, I learned the touchy word ‘cunt’ derived from the sanskrit word ‘kunto’ which meant ‘female goddess’! Oy Vey! In other words, ‘cunt’ is a word of ‘holy endearment’!

The ‘mental technology’ of humans today is in the dark ages compared to the developments of computerized technological devices which are more and more capable of clashing with the ‘straw minds’ of humanity who insist on standing in the quick sand of mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Be free of being in another’s control to manipulate you by words that are seemed by some as negative. Georgie, Porgy, Puddin’ and Pie…….Jack and Jill went up the hill…..

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