Self Struggle

3257188228_449d679c36_mJanuary 4, 2010
You make love to yourself, not just the one you’re with. One either has orgasms or doesn’t. Ejaculation is not orgasm. Letting go of ‘self struggle’ creates a very different type of orgasm that creates an ‘enlightening experience’ not possible from the ordinary, as lovely as it might be, orgasm. Letting go and losing ones ‘self’’ is gaining the authentic, loving self. Rarely does the experience happen between people. Ordinary, pleasurable orgasms are just that if ‘struggle with the inner self’, continues.

Freedom from the ‘struggling inner self’ disappears only through deep meditation or the deep love making reaching into and releasing all struggles – that too, is deep meditation. Thinking and reading about ways to move into ‘self love’ are just mental-ego games unless activated for verification of progress. There are no ‘cheap, easy tricks’ to erase ‘attached to reasons’ for inner struggle. No outer success or faith in ANY religion is going to result in anything other than ‘stroking the ego’! Like cement, people rarely break out of a ‘fixed’ inner mold that is created and, deepened from early childhood into early adulthood. Meditation or orgasms amount to little unless deepened and, steps are taken to manifest the changing energies. The ‘ego’ is generally an illusion machine and, ‘quick in defense’ to claim ‘victory’ when there is no claim necessary.

The ‘surrender’ of the false self is instantaneous and permanent, if authentic. Nearly all who claim enlightenment and some semblance of inner peace or perfection, are just stroking their ego’s. Rarely, very rarely is their any record intimating a person who refers to themselves as enlightened, manifesting a perfect coupling with another in persistent bliss. Enlightenment as described by the ‘spiritual’ and, mystics is almost nonexistent in the manifestation of ‘unconditional, blissful love between a man and a woman’.

If and when a couple reaches what could be referred to as ‘mutual enlightenment’, it is certainly natural that they soon feel the need to move on contrary to the myth perpetrated that ‘successful marriage’ is that deemed to last for decades. Quality of consciousness and experience is far more important in reaching the ever lasting peaks of inner bliss than is quantity, even with reasonable quality. Reaching into the deep ‘self love’ is permanent, and unconditional in manifestation.

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