Schtupping Minds

3213766995_872d4c49f9_mJanuary 1, 2010
‘Schtup’ is Yinglish (Yiddish ‘Schtupping’ English) meaning to have intercourse, generally meaning sexual but in this reference here ‘with the minds of humans’. The world up to this point has been ‘schtupped’ by religious salesmen proselytizing a mixture of gobbledygook with truth….and, throw in fear and guilt to keep the naive noodle brains thinking they are ‘God’s Chosen’ instead of just being ordinary ‘sheeple’. The ‘religious salesmen and sheeple’ have put their own interpretation of meaning of the word God, which has little to do with the reality.

“ If the world is dominated by snarky, testy people who believe that THE god of the cosmos came to Earth as a Jewish man 2,000 years ago, through the womb of a 13-year-old virgin girl, walked on water, raised people from the dead, transfigured on a mount, rose from the dead, ‘never masturbated’ and, flew off to heaven – then those of us who claim this story is a rehash of earlier pagan myths really DO live in a lunatic asylum! It’s called EARTH.”

These days, when a 13 year old gets pregnant, few think she’s a virgin! Humanity has been schnookered and mislead by long dead men and, regurgitated by current ‘post neanderthals’! Truth brings up anger, fear and denial in those that have bought into the recycled garbage of thousands of years. Millions are thankful that their lives have been changed by sucking in this schnookerism without giving careful consideration that many very spiritual oriented ‘free style’ are living magical, blessed lives even beyond the prisons of religions.

Want to make a difference to yourself and the world? Become a ‘Christ’ by seeking the energy of love and truth within. Buddha and Christ are energies. Nothing to do with some physical being in the ‘holy books’ but an expression of the highest qualities of life. The ‘so called Second Coming of Christ’ is YOU seeing that arise within you and, not some imaginary being. You are real and when connecting the open heart and open, clear mind you become the flowering of the highest Godliness form of humanity.

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