Insanity Begins in Youth

3171662315_1754ebc21c_mJanuary 2, 2010
Society … the world, is essentially insane! Now, more than any other time, this is a moment in history to ‘eject insanity’. There are two basic battles going on and, the ‘other’ has become an enemy that is set to win and destroy the ‘broken toy’ of the mind and heart. That ‘other’ one is ‘technology’, particularly, burgeoning technology in the hands of the ‘insane’, other wise known as humanoids.

Anger, fear, violence, apathy, greed, self doubt, ancient religions, jealousy, drugs, abuse of medicants, on and on, create idiots or ‘maladjusted foxes guarding the hen house’. All kids are born into this and have to learn how to adjust to the insanity starting with parents who are part of the insanity. Sadly, they accumulate negativities very early and, make it that much more difficult to cope with the insane outer world. In thousands of schools with underprivileged kids from broken homes or bad neighborhoods, kids are tossed into a cesspool of problems.

Children enter the world not knowing anything and being as innocent as possible. They slowly begin imitating those around them and reflecting the behavior of the parents toward them. Coming from a large family where I was the oldest of seven, I could see and, understand why each younger sibling grew the way they did. Essentially, each received different amounts and types of love depending upon where my parents were in their situation. As adults now, each strongly represents how that environment was. Genetics seems to be a factor but the culture of early environment is most powerful. If the parent is loving and appreciative, the child emulates that in adulthood. Conversely, if the child faces any kind of abuse, the reflect that in adult hood unless a great deal of conscious energy is give to ‘detach’ and rise above any earlier negativity.

Misery is created starting early on but, continuing that misery is a ‘choice’ made only by you and, regardless of the earlier imprints. The ‘troubled’ continue the endless cycle by attaching themselves to others of like mind when the answers always lies within and, seeking out the company of others who are in a healthier situation. Always hit the ‘reset button’ if necessary to that ‘uncontaminated space’ of purity. Be ‘IN sanity’!

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