Doc, Is it Right fer Me?

3461646588_15c6c0d70c_mJanuary 3, 2010
Talk to your Doctor to see if it’s right fer you! Don’t drink, drive or, ride in the passenger seat if you feel dizziness. If you have heart problems or have trouble sleeping, don’t take it! Headaches, dizziness or, vomiting may indicate this is the wrong medicine for you. If you have an erection for over 5 hours, consult your doctor. Drinking and taking this may cause hallucinations or, even death.

Medication is the new answer! Or, is it better to meditate than medicate? ‘Big Pharma’s ultimate goal is to make money while providing ‘drug aids’ that may or may not work. It’s ‘pharmaceutical’ roulette that depends on the ‘inventor’ who needs the money to support their needs and family, the ‘drug salesman’ (sometimes the TV advertiser) who is looking to be the top salesman for the pharmaceutical corporation, the doctor who is a ‘practicing physician’ and the paranoid, naive, trusting, fearful ‘mind controlled user victim’.

Modern society that has evolved from the woods of the 19th century, is fascinated by the new toys and quick fixes of the latest technological discoveries breathing down the neck of eager ‘users’ who unconsciously support the system with ‘brains for genuine compassion by ‘tiddlywinks’. Create a job market for any service or product and, the resumes of those who will do almost anything for money will endlessly look to charm the personnel manager who seeks the best recruit.

The drugs, legal and illegal, that can be bought are only a portion of ‘medications’ or ‘enlightenment blocks’ available. Food ingredients, hocus pocus religions, entertainments from sports, movies, TV, music, the latest technological ‘toys, and on and on, are also available for the addict to consume the mind and, avoid self inner attention.

Deep love and meditation are dangerous too, but in consciousness, a danger to the lively hood of the ‘dope peddler’ by whatever name he goes by. Living life at it’s peaks as ‘naturally’ as possible, enhanced by meditation and, is the way of the divine.

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