Outa da Mind!

3232661485_740a1a4ef8_mJanuary 1, 2010
You don’t mind … it don’t matter! We all came into this world with no minds but, it would be good to discovery the ‘art of emptying the mind’ of all the unnecessary negativity as early as possible. Junk minds are like junk food, sooner or later there’s a price to pay! Thunderstorms and all bad weather do occupy the minds of most but, self selection of a ‘cool mediterranean mind’, is everyone’s possibility of a more blessing filled life.

Picture another person inside you operating the controls. Picture that you think you are the one at the controls. Picture that there is another higher, more conscious you that has been ignored and could operate the controls more effectively for all forms of self love and, the most positive response to all stimuli that challenges you. Control the mind to be free of mind’s control. There are other aspects of one that suffer ‘inattention’ by one’s who live in the mind like intuition or, more importantly, compassion that comes from the heart. The mind, at best, feels ‘empathy’ but is at a loss for the heart’s deep feelings of compassion.

To traps through the cobwebs of yesteryear that serves no positive purpose, is akin to creating a ‘garbage dump in the back yard’ rather than using the weekly garbage pickup. In this case, you gotta be ‘outa your mind’ but, ‘outa the conscious mind that needs to be used as a tool to steer one away from the incessant dark side that hasn’t been ‘dumped’. The dark side ‘tethered’, follows one like a shadow through life like a disease that accumulates other diseases, and habits that limit one’s love of self.

The mind is in many ways being replaced by the computer. The mind ‘is a computer’ that has free will to take information and make choices on inaction or action that affects lives including the self. Without the ‘brain being washed and cleaned out’, the mind often can’t see the ‘forest through the trees’ or, judgments of error. To tune in to a clear (radio) station with no static one needs to be precisely in tune. So it is with the mind and that entails the clear mind being with a heart free of fears of love’s closeness and, in sync with a clear mind. Meditation in it’s many forms, is a tool to clear the heart-mind connection and, put one in a space of ‘divine consciousness’ where one becomes the ‘watcher’ of the negative and, not the ‘attached’.

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