Do It, NOW!

4047788250_51a4db2904_mDecember 31, 2009
Moving up is where it’s all at! Drop all the prison bars, stop having to defend yourself or, putting yourself down. Learn to be who you are without the glory from ‘idiots’ who could care less anyway other than from their hidden jealousy. It’s you and, what your heart turns common sense into something uncommon. Drop performance just for others, whatever that may be and, reach for the authentic ‘you’ deep within.

Whatever inside you really wants to do, do it. Begin to drop all the excuses that tie you to the past and what others may think you need to do. Appear crazy to others! Let them cast judgments while letting them follow the path accepted by others and society. The clock is ticking while one follows some trumped up ‘duty’ while bypassing the opportunities of the heart that religiously pop up over and over, year after year. ‘Waiting time’ is usually ‘fear of doing what you want to do’, to do this and that nonsense which, is nothing but ‘spinning tires’ in the mud.

Open up your mind and heart and, let the things that drag you down out, someone else may want them! Self judgments and judgments of others are just ‘splattered mud on the windshield of life’. All tomorrows are an illusion! It’s all now! That sweet memory or dream in the past is still right here, right now. Had Mexican dinner last night with a friend returning from NY filled with the awe of meeting her old friend’s mother again, only this time with the mother’s three 1st grade girl friends when one of them remarked that it seemed like little time has passed since those playful days. They are all 93!

My ‘controversial, mystic friend Osho’ said it wonderfully, “Learn one basic thing: Do whatever you want to do, love to do, and never ask for recognition. That is begging. Why should one ask for recognition? Why should one hanker for acceptance? Deep down in yourself, look. Perhaps you don’t like what you are doing, perhaps you are afraid that you are on the wrong track. Acceptance will help you feel that you are right. Recognition will make you feel that you are going towards the right goal.
The question is of your own inner feelings; it has nothing to do with the outside world. And why depend on others? All these things depend on others — you yourself are becoming dependent.
I will not accept any Nobel prize. All this condemnation from all the nations around the world, from all the religions, is more valuable to me. Accepting the Nobel prize means I am becoming dependent — now I will not be proud of myself but proud of the Nobel prize. Right now I can only be proud of myself; there is nothing else I can be proud of.”

Be in the direction of your heart now – tomorrow, is NOW!

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