Underwear Bomber

3048379448_b6f2a95665_mDecember 29, 2009
Oy vey! Christmas day and a ‘Nigerian’ passenger on Flight 253 (Amsterdam to Detroit) of Northwest Airlines wasn’t a very nice ‘Nigerian scam’! Explosive ‘material’ held in a condom near his butt was intended to be more successful than that of the ‘shoe bomber’ in 2001. Maybe now ‘condoms’ will be banned at airports?! Soon with more and more inventive ways to create havoc, we must come to the conclusion that ‘there is a failure to communicate’.

Cultures are often in opposition to one another as we move out of the pre modern times of the early 20th century where still the human consciousness globally exists with the same fears and ignorance as in previous history. Now, a significant barrier seems to be an ego of ‘denial’ and, one with a failure to communicate truths. Humans, collectively, still have a ‘condom’ over their awareness of most things indicative of an evolved humanity.

The tragedy of the World Trade Centers on 9-11-01 was a wake up warning to the clash of civilizations as well as a warning that citizens need to become aware of the facts and truths of a world that can be manipulated by a small group for greedy purposes. For most in the USA, 9-11 ‘truths’ have been swept under the rug and, it’s back to survival and/or investments for a ‘trap-door’ future at the hands of ignorance and more greed. Over 80% of Americans are more certain of their uninformed belief in a mystical ‘Designer’ of the world than they are of the facts and truth of the who, why’s and how’s of the destruction in 9-11. Ask the majority of Americans what they know about Building 7 ( a 47 story tower adjacent to #’s 1 & 2 WTC, which was demolished in less than 10 seconds) and, they do not have a ‘clue’ what Building 7 is let alone what, why and how it collapsed in its own footprints!

Are the brains of the masses still in their underwear and, ‘greed box’ on their shoulders or, is it just ‘tight security’ to protect common sense thinking? Higher communication will create higher unification of thought and, a higher purpose in life based on ‘real truths’. There is only marginal evidence of the advancement of human consciousness keeping up with the technological explosion. The time for a ‘near heaven on earth’ is now beginning with it’s individual happening!

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