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December 39, 2009
Giving! Giving back …. giving for the blessing of being given the opportunity to visit this earth at the most fantastic time after millions of years. Each is given existence to receive the gifts of life. Hoarding ones gifts for self serving ‘entitling’ reasons is not only the pinnacle of selfishness but akin to a God who seeks glee in satisfying it’s own desires oblivious of this ‘Garden of Eden’ which has turned into pestilence and every form of negativity.

Money, consumption and, ‘stuff’ have become the religion particularly, of the majority of the 10% of Americans who haughtily stroke their ego’s with investments for a ‘rainy day’. That ‘rainy day’ will never be served by their incessant squirreling away what they deem the ‘earnings of entitlement of hard work’. Without the ‘gift of life’ with the luck of good fortune and, at usually others expense, be it in hidden ways, the symbolic ‘pile of gold’ wouldn’t be possible. Giving to oneself and ignoring deep, inner self love while accruing more and more, is one of the prominent ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ of capitalism. ‘Self entitlement’ needs examination for ‘why’.

In America, their is a slight trend of those with special blessings to exhibit compassion for those in need and deserving. Among the thousands of sports figures, for example who make millions, a few of them seem to be recognizing the quality of ‘giving back’ to others who were not so fortunate in the same ways. Without the majority of fans, they wouldn’t have been able to aspire to unprecedented heights of ‘material kingdoms’ that were unheard of a few short years ago where athletes lived for their next meager paycheck.

Nothing wrong with having life’s blessings particularly in the form of ‘money’ until it becomes possessed by self serving accumulation without the compassion for others. Life is a blessing that is over before it’s begun for most. The world changes as people demonstrate the power of giving back with or without money, Those who give when they have only the ‘riches within’ are better able to ‘give back’ to others if the greedy take the locks off of their stockpiles of accumulated wealth. ‘Give’ is a four letter word that makes a difference! Love, compassion and, giving – not a ‘bad religion’!


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