Mother in Heaven

2745108215_3e6c609633_mDecember 28, 2009
Mother Earth’s occupants need realize that the male dominated world has come to a ‘tipping point’ of disaster. Sensitive, loving males have little power but to encourage the female to stand tall replacing male energy and freeing humans from the perpetual shackles of hate, violence and, fear that permeates even the new born. Man needs to become more like conscious woman and, woman needs to become more like the conscious, compassionate male.

ALL religions are male dominated for control of the masses. All aspects of religion are fear driven to relegate both the female and submissive males to a ‘puppet likeness’. All religions stamp their ‘newborn’ with ‘their’ programing hoping it saves them from ‘who knows what’ or, for some ‘father in heaven’. ‘Teach thyself first’ and then, teach the young by example of love, kindness, awareness and, discernment followed by the ‘freedom of choice’. All the ‘relic religions’ give similar thoughts in differing words of the ‘right way of living’ but, mixed with ‘ancient rubbish’ that makes sense (arguably) only to ‘religious spokesmen/salesmen’ for personal gain.

Technology, since the advent of the industrial revolution in the early 20th century, has been magnified thousands of times, not even recognizing that which has not been unveiled, for economic and other ‘male domination reasons (think military)’. On the other hand, humans are still struggling with barbaric religions that until the 20th century, few even had the chance to read. With the advent of printing presses and the rise of millions of religious salesmen using these ‘books’, mankind has been gullible enough to not see beyond the ‘book or, in other words think outside the box (book)’.

Women, particularly in the Western world, are becoming more free to determine their own destinies. The historical subjugation by male abuse and usury has left wounds which still are apparent in holding females back from their loving, common sense powers that they have used as mothers when possible. When the female, in reality, becomes the equal (albeit, different) to males, the survival of humankind will reach a balancing point followed by the evolution of the spirit of life everywhere. We have the internal technology to quickly reprogram ourselves for evolution as a ‘divine human kind’ NOW!

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