Vacant Christians

1337582811_1c78e163b1_mDecember 26, 2009
‘Vacancy signs’ are on the billions of people who have no idea beyond the label of ‘being this or that follower’ of a religion. Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc., are usually inherited religious labels of identification but, little else. Most religious followers inherited the label at birth from parents who were the recipients likewise. Typically, these ‘hanger on’s’ can survive, at best, a three minute explanation of their religion.

Being not part of any religious beliefs and, instead, favoring the ‘divine beyond, spiritual, reality world’, while living in a Christian country, I would be far more pleased if the ‘apathetic’ about religion or spiritual were much more involved in their positive path of choice. Religion, inspite of it’s faults, gives people an opportunity to follow a more thoughtful, righteous, kind, life than is often found among those who at best, cling to ‘just the name of a religion’. At least with a religion, people are more accountable for the positive tenets of that path.

The ‘invisible vacancy sign’ applies to many aspects of life that people have great disregard for, one prime example being ‘love’. Cobwebs of disregard for love hang from the majority of people who opt to serve their ego, selfishness, and material wants most. The ‘vacant sign’ was likely out from childhood on but, appearances deceive as humans become more clever at cloaking real intentions and emotions.

‘Vacant love’ is epidemic as people feel a sense of obligation and, at most ‘respect’ (?) to placate the feelings of the other. Actions speak louder than the ‘tinsel words’ that serve to mollify the gullible while at the same time exposing the ‘charade’ to those few more intuitive of the real story. ‘Truth’ would arise if people, not in self love, had a sign on them to say, ‘I don’t love myself’ or, churches also had a sign out which warned those who entered that said, ‘apathetic christians not welcome without commitment to give 100% to being a real Christian’. The myths and lies in religions and, those who claim love, are enough to make all the stars in the sky to stop shining! Truth comes from being of open heart and mind beyond all beliefs and charades. Tomorrow is today!

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