Religious Salesmen

3198742749_6c2251479a_mDecember 25, 2009
ALL, (from the Pope to the local pastor or rabbi), religious leaders are ‘rainmakers’, flock tenders, and more concisely, ‘religious salesmen’. The head of the prestigious investment banking firm of Goldman Sachs is a ‘rainmaker’ who’s in charge of seeing that money keeps things afloat. All attorneys for major law firms today are told they are ‘salesmen’ first. During my ‘shortened, bailout career, my job was to bring in money from Corporate Attorneys, Investment Bankers, and Corporations, as Executive Vice President of Sales – or, without the fancy name ‘a salesman’.

To make ‘big money’ one ‘sleeps (so to speak)’ with whomever has the most money and, has a problem that a salesman from another ‘service’ has a solution to sell. That translates to ‘be real involved with the client and their life’. Same exact thing in religion! There are hundreds of thousands of ‘churches’ or, meeting places to bring in money and, ‘service’ problems that people are short on answers for. Always, it’s to convince the ‘prospect, customer or. parishioner that they have a problem and YOU have the solution.

The ‘religious salesman’ is really selling ‘packaged air’ converted from ancient times into words that make you feel there is hope. The ‘kicker’ is, his way IS the only way or you won’t be saved from drowning (and, for eternity!). Same similar deal on Wall St., only more truthful. Religious salesmen go through several years of learning the ‘stock, boiler plate information’ and how to sell it to those who support him and his family. He is coached on how to make you feel ‘obligated’ to serve ‘the Lord’ which, really means him. No matter how you slice bread, it’s still ‘bread’ and in this case, he needs your bread! All salesmen ‘care of course’ or, they wouldn’t have your support! You can dress up a monkey to look human but, it’s still a monkey!

When it comes to ‘religiousNESS’ or, the spiritual, it only fills one from within and, NO messiah, avatar or, priest is going to do more than ‘flick words’ into sleeping sheeple who do not make the time or have the courage to find the secrets of love and oneself within. No salesmen are needed in what is ‘FREE’! FREE, FREE, FREE – can’t be said enough. Truth just is!!!


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