Old People ‘Rock’!

1930753014_75458d426a_mDecember 23, 1991
Imagine that everyone had a life expectancy one half of what it is today! Imagine that all your pets, flowers, trees and even the long summer days had their lives cut in two! People reaching beyond half their predicted average age to live, rarely can believe life is so short and that everything seemed too fast! It can be a ‘bummer’ to realize that it’s started to be over before it’s really begun.

Not long ago, as a person just out of college and, living in New York City, I would notice old people who seemed to be from a much earlier time, that time was referred to as ‘people from the old country (Europe)’. There was something about them that seemed that they were out of place in the modern world and yet, one couldn’t help but be curious about them and, at the same time realize that this type of person was disappearing year by year much like the sighting of ‘model T Fords’ or ‘horse and buggies’.

Getting older, the view is capable of being better and better if, and particularly, if one evolved with an open mind and heart. Wisdom may come with age and yet, even the young sometimes have an uncanny wisdom. Where one is at, say 32 years of age, mentally, spiritually and, emotionally, is likely to expand as the years progress. Those with self love evolving will likely find it’s an ever increasing phenomenon. Sadly, the majority at this time attach themselves to the struggles, fears, bad habits, close mindedness, and unloving ways that they possessed early on. The result usually shows up in outer and inner physical manifestations. Those just accepting things as they are, albeit in need of correction for a happier life, will increasingly worsen and become ‘jaded’ while the few who looked at life with fresh eyes will continue to do so and, even more!

The window of opportunity to shift to an ‘evolving self love’ begins to slowly close early on yet, rarely shutting even though evolvement becomes less likely. Waking up at 80 and feeling of a similar ‘mind and heart set’ as at 32, is normal for those who accepted an open and loving life style regardless of challenges. The phrase ‘young in spirit’ means people are the same as in youth and, a little better when it comes to who they are. Always it’s time to ‘freshen up’ and love the self more – the rest will look much more pleasant and blessed. The young look for the inspiration of those aged with real positive wisdom and, that is one reason for people to live into their eighties and beyond. It’s the gift of giving which grows with age!

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