3268753091_82eafc058a_mDecember 24, 2009
‘Hollywood’ is largely about ‘appearances’ and putting ‘makeup on the truth’ while spinning imaginations to fit that which serves the ‘money’ purpose. Hollywood is the ‘illusion machine’ of the world, both feeding the imagination and, manufacturing appearances that stimulate the mind and emotions. Knowing when and how to see the truth from the spins for ‘some motive, as money-making, is ‘discernment’.

Attempts to control the mind of others, individually or collectively, with desire to convert to a belief system that is merely a juxtaposition of ideas clung to and, being ‘off target’ of the facts, if the truth be known, is akin to diverting or stopping the evolution of an individual or all humanity.

Among the biggest ‘judgers’ are religious followers who each have their spin on God and their ideas pertaining to a Messiah and, an after life. The leaders of religions or, ‘religious salesmen’, are spoon fed in religious colleges, ‘stock information’, tools of the trade and, spins on the facts regarding the basis of their particular religion. They in turn, pass on the mixture of facts and truth to their followers, encouraging through fear of a judgment from above if their faith is weakened even if it’s challenged by scientific research. What is passed on are judgments of reality based on belief, opinions and faith, permeating down to well intended but, ill informed parents to their offspring.

A good benefit of meditation is to use the resulting ‘awareness and discernment’ in what the mind has to say about all circumstances. The mind is likely programmed with information and biases that twist the actual reality in many circumstances. Stop assumptions that are not solid ‘knowing’ of all the facts and truth hence, letting life reach to a higher space of consciousness, love, and compassion. Being outspoken, particularly with people who have little idea who I am, many ‘quite bizarre deductions or judgments’ have been made. Some of them were ‘judgments on top of judgments, ie., ‘he must be gay because he defends women’! Three judgments here: 1. I’m not gay; 2. To be gay is not a bad thing; 3. women being defended is not a wrong (or right, for that matter), but a choice that hurts no one, while empowering women who have suffered.

False judgments have the incredible ability to do harm and alter lives of those who likely are vulnerable recipients of them. Children, for example, can remember one hurtful judgment sometimes for life. To have the ability to let judgments ‘roll off’ the mind is a divine ability. Meditation both minimizes giving judgments and, receiving judgments that one becomes attached to. Think and act with an open, loving heart!

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