Howllng Winds

3910502443_6f78cb29ea_mDecember 21, 2009
The Winter Solstice cool-warm winds roared above as I walked the roads in the early morning night air. As the tall firs and the occasional palm trees shook in the winds of change, all thoughts were blown away as the forces of nature pushed the clouds away exposing the starry night. Yesterdays and tomorrows were gone with the winds leaving only the view of nature’s magical dance.

Nature is not miserly but, gives it’s all and, demands the common sense of a surrender to it’s whims. Likewise, love is not miserly! Love does not hold back and make decisions not to ‘let go’ and surrender. Love ‘roars’ in with no ‘economics’ of seeking a bargain or any conditions that you might put up for oneself or, challenged by the other. Love knows no rules but wants to spread it’s fragrance beyond all boundaries. Seek the stillness of being alone and love will grow as it fills the air with the scent of love wherever one goes.

While on a fund raising trip, President Obama asks for an Escort girl for the night. Three beautiful girls are sent separately to his room – a blond, a brunette and a redhead. He says to the blond, “I’m the president of the United States, how much to spend a night with you?” She replied, “seven hundred dollars”. “Too much’’, replies Obama. He asks the brunette the same question when suddenly bursting in is the redhead saying, “Mr. President, if you can raise my skirt as high as your taxes and screw me the way you are screwing the American people, you can have all of me for nothing!”

Become in control of your inner self by surrendering to it’s harmonious nature, don’t be a slave to that within that is controlled by the mind and, it’s self serving tactics. Let go of the slave master that the mind has allowed to take over, imprisoning the feelings of love. Open the doors of the heart and listen to it. Let nature’s winds clear the weaknesses of the past and blow away the attachment to what you want against your nature and common sense. Love is always blowing in the wind!

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