Dumpster Diving

3366856545_45968b8ec0_mDecember 21, 2009
Lots of Freebies! Every Tuesday in Beverly Hills, where the ‘chic’ rich live in Los Angeles and, dogs ride in Rolls Royces, people put out their ‘junk’ on the curb for anyone to scoff up and, better furnish their home. A real treat from the rich who won’t answer their door and, let you in for a cup of coffee. While that’s happening, people without the blessing of a home to better ‘spif up’, are ‘heads down’ in dumpsters there and, all over LA, the ‘land of illusion’ and, ‘flakes’ that don’t stick to the ground!

Like everywhere else, most of those in Beverly Hills are too full of themselves to dumpster dive within the ‘compost pile’ hidden within in plain site to all but themselves. The world is filled with billions who look everywhere for love and ‘things’ to replace that love if they don’t find it or, so they can hope it will help them find it. Tsk-tsk! Letting go of crap that is constantly recycled, yet not in the ‘fashionable way’, is certainly incumbent for releasing the ‘self love’ formula that is buried under all the ‘looping’ nonsense that people think they need for fear of losing themselves. Tragedy is, that’s what they need to do – dump the false self!

‘Hi diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle’ are avoiding the one chance in light years for each one to grab on to the ‘release button’ to dispose of unnecessary garbage and, let the light in so as to see what diamonds and jewels are buried within. Those who ignore or snicker at those who search for the leftovers that might have gone to a ‘food bank for the poor’ before being garbage, are in denial that they house a dumpster of fears, ignorance, and self hatred within their smelly ‘anger dumps’.

Letting go of bad habits of greed, self loathing deprecation, jealousy, pride, and all the ego protections, is a step outside the dumpster or ‘box of spinning hamsters’. Take long walks in awareness, look inside the dumpsters and garbage cans to better see analogies that might be carried within the personal dumpster. Find thy true self and, then one isn’t dependent on looking for another self with an inner filled dumpster to collaborate in partnership. The trick is to always focus on the ‘higher self… by yourself then, go shopping!

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