Money IS Love

December 19, 2009
Money is your love of ‘stuff’, not yourself or people. Fear of love and closeness with a partner is frequently expressed by the wish for attachment to inanimate things. ‘Things’ can be possessed and, don’t hold one to love’s requirements of communication, trust, compassion, mutual feelings, etc. People react to possessive insensitivities like minimal love and a sense of restrictive freedoms. ‘Things’ don’t talk back! ‘Control freaks’ need that which they can possess and dominate.

Those who fear love, look for money to buy, buy, buy more and, want even more to control and possess for ego gratification. Love of money buys things to help avoid dealing with the dark unresolved things of the mind. Not uncommonly, drugs and alcohol enter the picture. Conversely, the lack of money, coupled with unfulfilled love and self worth, becomes an excuse to over imbibe in alcohol and/or drugs as well as ‘junk food’ to avoid the pains of seeing one’s fixable deficiencies. Avoidance addictions have no favorites, rich or poor.

Attachment to ‘avoidances of love’ creates an ugly person. Possessiveness with money creates a miserly person who suspects all to have motives to be in his company, which by the way, is often true! However, the one who actively pursues money in his avoidance of love also reduces the chance of friendship with those who have no interest in his money. There is a fear of closeness for fear of having to share. Unloving barriers are created keeping love out.

People who love money and ‘things’, become like them, manifesting a dead, closed persona that is unreachable by loving people. They become quite mechanical with little emotion that emanates personally. Conversely, those who are perpetually unable to manifest enough money for normal sustenance, often become dead and closed to the hopes and excitements of life. Money is a practical means for the necessities of life as well as an easier means of fulfillment of passions that are for the conscious benefit of others. Always be openminded, loving and aware, with discernment for the highest possibilities.

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