Homeless Castles

3797806218_014a354768_mDecember 17, 2009
‘Castles in the sky’ are really all over America by the millions! Having traveled to many cities throughout America, I have seen, in the last couple of decades, thousands of houses that are small castles of an average of 5000 sq. feet and, usually occupied by 1-3 people! They are ‘investments’ and, always ready in real estate salesman terms, of being ‘flipped’ or, sold for profit. This ‘greed’ of unnecessary opulence continues while tens of millions live nearly penniless in the USA or, ‘nirvana’ country, on a destitute planet where birth control is marginalized by Religion’s Salesmen (priests,etc.,).

A house is not a home. A home is a shelter for love, compassion, living and, giving. A home is never ostentatious in self serving greed which of course is ‘denied’. Capitalism can be a good thing when the loving heart is watching over the greedy mind. Accumulation for the sake of filling ‘holes’ in one’s wants is likely filling at least one of the 7 deadly sins if, not hiding most of them. ‘Pied Pipers’ of milking existence for unnecessary gratification is something to be ashamed of or, at the least something to examine for personal values in the ‘blink of an eye life’ tenure.

Eight of the fifteen years in Venice Beach, the Yesss Center occupied one of those ‘castles’, with a few differences. The unnecessary greed for ‘mine-mine’ possession for future capital to purchase more and more, was non existent. Our doors have always been open for guests even if they need to stay for unknown time periods. The only requirements have been ‘sensitivity to common sense and, compassion’. Few of those with these ‘humongous houses’ spread over the US landscape would invite a well mannered, stranger guest in for the price of an average motel room let alone for any reason!

The ‘Yesss Center’ in Venice (LA) had an average of 40 occupants of all backgrounds and professions from business owners, artists, writers, lawyers, spiritual seekers, actors, porn stars, bible thumpers, and many more, even those who forgot what ‘sensitivity’ and common sense mean. Each person for a more conscious loving world must examine the difference between ‘want and need’ and, devote their lives to giving back for the betterment of all. As it is, only a minority visibly demonstrate the love and consciousness that is needed for a ‘real nirvana’!

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