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December 16, 2009
Nature! Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, Diwali and, all the celebrations synonymous with seasons, are man made. Nature’s effects are felt due to the position of the earth creating differing experiences of weather and climate. That’s the only ‘true reason’ for the seasons, be it the Winter or Summer solstice. ‘Seasons Greetings’ is, perhaps, the most appropriate recognition of the Winter Solstice even though it is globally, more and more, referred to as Christmas.

Christ-Mas translated is ‘More Christ’. Christ is best regarded as symbolic of a higher state of consciousness, having little to do with any cultish religion or messiahs. To be ‘Buddha like’ or, ‘Christ like’, is to be in a state of compassion and consciousness. Religions are ‘cadavers’ of ancient beliefs that have mixed value compared to humans seeing their true open hearted natures. Truth is in acknowledging ‘nature’ by always recognizing it is a season for love and consciousness. The ‘season’ is always ‘now’!

All events in life, be they ‘nature’s seasons’ or, happenings, are both blessings and/or ‘challenges’ leaving opportunities to seek the ‘flexibility’ to adapt to the circumstances. Many times there are reasons why things happen the way they do even though they may not reveal the ‘why’ to the introspective, until years later.

Graduating from the University of Oregon in Eugene one Spring, I had uncomfortable circumstances with no easy solution. After much deliberation for several weeks, I traded in my sports car for an older, practical Chevrolet with new tires and decided a cross country vacation would be a good solution. Upon entering the wonders of New York City, returning for more school became less desirable. Soon money was running out, so I borrowed a suit, a couple shirts and two ties to begin several weeks of interviewing, having little idea what I wanted to do.

Looking back at the early difficulties in my unexpected trip to NY, in lieu of continuing school back West, it was quite unexpectedly constantly amazing. Having to settle for a time in less expensive Elizabeth, NJ and, busing it to a beginning career in sales for a large corporation, the 20 year experience couldn’t have been more fascinating and educational for later passions if I had, had a ‘magic genie’ in a bottle giving me ‘wishes’.

There are ‘times or, seasons’ in everyone’s life that have hidden gifts to appreciate and lead one to more and more interesting ventures. Keeping aware, open and, flexible creates new and, exciting adventures, in ‘all seasons’! Life is filled with infinite seasons and reasons to be thankful.

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