Success & Losing

2847964500_6cf610f65c_mDecember 15, 2009
Success in the outer world is often a distraction from the success of finding peace and love of self in the inner world. What is it to gain the world and, miss the beauty of the inner self? How much disenchantment and havoc is caused in others because someone goes through life shooting for success but missing the mark within?

The wounds of years past, especially from childhood, may be put aside on the road to success however, the poison within not only creates personal inner unhappiness but activates physical problems later as life goes on, that would otherwise likely not arise. It’s not uncommon for children to not receive the love needed and is marred by unresolved dissonance of one or both parents. Likely their parents passed it on to them and, on and on.

What happens is that the ‘victim’ of ‘short changed on love’ seeks to either not rectify the problem or diverts attention in other ways from, being a ‘workaholic to being an actual alcoholic or drug abuser. Also, looking for answers in any of the ‘flawed’ religions is an easy escape that doesn’t get to the root or source of the never ending blocks that grow into some form of ‘bitterness’. It becomes temporarily soothing to blame the ‘ills’ on others without seeing that it all starts and ends within one. The ‘window of opportunity’ to alleviate the problems within slowly closes as time flies by. To ‘reverse the pump’ of damages from the past is always possible but, the accumulation of more ‘baggage’ makes it increasingly difficult than for those in the youth of their lives.

Covering up inner strife is in every sense, cheating oneself and others particularly, a partner and children. Rearranging priorities, putting ‘knowing and loving oneself’ first, is to acknowledge life’s real purpose. Words without action that manifests the corrections is just putting meaningless spins on the facts. Pretending and trying to change bad habits and behaviors is skirting the issue for a later day that never comes. Accepting and owning ones inner problems consistently is the beginning of the shift to loving oneself. One’s ‘inner sanctum’ holds the secrets to a life of high consciousness.

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