323191805_cd93b87e51_mDecember 14, 2009
Cranky, bitter, negative, cheap, and a ‘curmudgeon of spirit’. Life is karmic or, ‘payback’ for what came before that wasn’t dealt with from the heart and consciousness. Those who didn’t pay attention to their unresolved issues while still young, although, still at any age, possible, will face more of the same resulting in a visible suppressed anger and bitterness. Many put ‘lipstick’ on their low self esteem and, negative perceptions that they use to defend the illusion of happiness.

Wipe away the thin veneer of ‘pretending happiness’ and a ‘grinch’ appears when it is least expected – male or female. Bitterness doesn’t require a pill to active the behavior, it’s a slow accumulation of failed experiences, be they marriage or, rejections of some sort that, ironically, were probably the result of ‘being a vacuum for the problems’ and, creating them, with or without help from another. The ‘grinch’ has immersed himself deep into the world of selfishness mainly exhibiting itself in their thin, fragile persona that underneath is boiling all kinds of ‘spitter-sputter’.

A dear spiritual friend of mine, who’s an inspiration to all willing to ‘drop their ego’, tells the complainers of life that she has faced rape, domestic violence, raising 3 kids, and earlier being a prostitute as well as, innumerable inconsiderate, hurtful judgments. She shows that she loves life, herself and, giving inspiration to others. Her words to those ‘grinches’ are to call their ‘bluff’ on blaming dilemmas on factors outside of themselves and, ‘to get over it’ while doing something positive about being thankful for everything as having been an opportunity to find the blessings that were hidden in plain sight.

Learning to love oneself, apart from ‘treating’ oneself to the material and ‘illusions’, is a ‘road to finding riches’. Those ‘riches’ are finding out how to love the inner self which starts by identifying and, taking responsibility for the fears and ignorance that linger within. No one who really loves themselves is going to reach out and flash a magic wand to change what can only be done the slow, long way within oneself. The focus on the ‘bliss within can start at any age but, the years make it more comfortable to find ‘shields’ to guard one’s ‘loitering negativity’. The only wealth worth it’s weight in ‘gold’ is that within! Be a ‘gold digger’ within!

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