Worldly ‘Soap Opera’

434684309_1f7e4e139d_mDecember 11, 09
Life is a stage and, ‘you’ are the main character, director, producer, stage hand, choreographer, and audience! It’s each one’s choice to make it a fantasy, tragedy, romance, comedy, suspense, documentary, thriller, crime stopper, adventure, drama, and more or, a combination of some of the best of each. ‘Life style’ is about each one making choices with a willingness to always be open to better choices. Each is dealt a hand that requires an open awareness to make the most of it with the choice to give back to others so that they may in turn help themselves and another, causing a chain reaction to raise the consciousness of the world.

It was said by the mystic, George Gurdjieff from the early part of the 20th century, that it would take only 20 enlightened humans to ignite the world into a state of consciousness that would uplift the whole world. Many decades have passed since that declaration and now there are thousands of enlightened ones spreading that difference to those that can be part of a consciousness explosion. Many are hidden in plain sight expressing in one form or other. Many, many are on the ‘edge of enlightenment’ creating great works or, differences while still saddled with unconsciousness and, fading glimpses of enlightenment.

Many of those are stuck in a ‘worldly pursuit’ game chasing illusions that are primarily for their own, ‘self unrecognized greed’. These people live in stress and tenseness to pursue ‘worldly goals’ while missing knowing and loving themselves as bearers of love and light to themselves and others. Then there are the billions who are goal fixated on a ‘paradise after this life’ – the ‘fantasy people’, well intended, but not relaxed enough as are the ‘worldly ones’ to see the answers are within and the rest will take care of itself.

To be worried, tense, or stressed about this world or the ‘other world’ is to not see the world is within including the ‘godliness’ that billions refer to as a ‘god’. There is a story about Buddha: He reached the gate of heaven. Of course, the people there were waiting. They opened the door, they welcomed him. But he turned his back towards the door, looked at the the world — millions of souls on the same path, struggling, in misery, in anguish, striving to reach this gate of heaven and bliss. The door-keeper said, “YOU COME IN PLEASE! We have been waiting for you.”

And Buddha said, “How can I come when others have not reached? It doesn’t seem to be the right time. How I can enter when the whole has not entered into it? I will have to wait. It is just like my hand has reached into the door, and my feet have not reached yet. I will have to wait. Just the hand cannot enter alone.”

The ‘enlightened’ are relaxed, living blissfully in joy, waiting for each to join them and begin being the ‘pied piper’ of love and consciousness!

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