Dating Religions

249128395_50df80915b_mDecember 11, 2009
No religion that has ever or, will ever exist, has the deep answers you seek. If one is floating in a non spiritual space of questionable consciousness, it’s always time to check out and, zone in on a source of answers to open the heart and mind to a higher source of inspiration to guide one’s daily life through the oncoming think and thin of life’s journey. If one is confused, open the mind and spend a year or two visiting various churches, temples, mosques, and places of spirituality.

Drop judgments and openly seek the values of each religion. Religions can be a stepping stone, like a river moving to the ocean of consciousness. Going to church, temple, mosque, the yoga center or, wherever the divine is sought, on a fairly regular basis is at the least, going to keep one out of serous trouble unless, of course, one has found a path to self realization and the ‘divine’ on their own. Right choices eliminate the chances of falling into the life of negativity and, it’s extremes such as a suicide bomber.

Exploring different religions that, particularly are quite diverse from each other, is a way to at least open the mind to having empathy, understanding, acceptance, and compassion for all aspects of humanity. Those who live in or near big cities can certainly explore the experiences among Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism, Islamism, Taoism and Hinduism, etc. The real source of life and, it’s innate qualities is always within each one and, the giving of those blessings to others.

For those who have the courage to step out into the ‘alone’, there are infinite routes into various forms of yoga and meditation while always being aware of the necessity of being true to oneself and, open to staying in awareness without negative judgment. If there were to be one religion it would be to individually enter into a state of religiousness or consciousness apart from any religion, messiah or, savior. Always, being in and, gathering with others, into a space of ‘love’ is the true religion. In that space of ‘love’, a positive, affirmative life manifests endlessly.

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