Tiger Sex

4152503479_3e8955a909_mDecember 9, 2009
Nothing unnatural or unusual about the world’s #1 golfer (Tiger Woods) having mutual sex where ever it comes up! His wife is sadly, unwillingly complicit by accepting poor communication between them, as are all wives (or vv) in similar situations. Man is a ‘tiger’ in the jungle, always looking to mate. Nature created man to have extra sexual thirst to assure the continuation of the species. Restrict a males freedom and beware of possible ‘sexual aberrations’. As humans rise in consciousness they fully communicate and exercise maximum compassion for all involved.

Typically when men marry, their general ‘marital energy’ falls. Women have the reverse
response and find greater satisfaction and desire to communicate as well as be more spiritually conscious, until…. Until, they experience the males conscious empathy and compassion sliding down to an apathetic-like, comfort level. At this point, the female adjusts unconsciously and, finds a level of comfort that stops the growth of a relationship.

Women have more control on some things but, one of them is not ‘leading’ the combination of communication, love, and consciousness. The male, for interpersonal success, needs to take the helm and lead this aspect of a relationship. Any woman who feels clearly to be the more spiritual/conscious with a partner who is not in ‘agreement’ with that journey is in a ‘doomed’ partnership. Mutually always rising in love is ideal and, doable.

Few are prepared for a high quality relationship. Relationships, consequently, are typically just up and down or, functional. ‘Functional’ is the standard almost everywhere that marriage lingers. At first glance, things from the outside look great. Upon closer observation, it’s held together by the rubber bands of memories of love, fear, insecurity, ‘what other’s will think’, and general ignorance while choosing to not wake up and encourage rising compatibility. Greed of staying attached, which may rise it’s head in many ways, keeps what otherwise would fall apart, sustain it ‘til death do us part.

Total communication at all times is the beginning of a relationship that holds the promise of being one that reaches it’s highest possibilities. Empathy and compassion always are a part of a ‘high conscious relationship’. Trying to make marriage a marathon of perhaps decades is to waste ones life of freedom and love. ‘Endings’ define the character of the individual and the depth of their conscious love. Pure and simple. Tigers move like tigers, humans have been given the gift of potential intelligence and discernment. It’s ‘a choice’!

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