Love ‘Going Viral’

3277820760_96ac294502_mDecember 8, 2009
Love can spread like a virus! Each is vulnerable to to virus’s that invade the ‘lower’ immune systems of all animals including the human animal. Viruses are small infectious agents that attack the body while feeding and multiplying on each other. Viruses are typically poisons toxins spread from person to persons who have no shield of protection.

‘Love viruses’ are still being sought by researchers, one of the problems being, they are
generally ‘unpaid’ amateurs. The search for ‘negative viruses’ is done by career viral chasers (virologists) looking to identify microscopic molecules to put into petrie dishes so as to begin inspection and then create antidotes to prevent them ‘going viral’! The irony is that serious virologists don’t seem to have the time to explore this infectious love virus. Perhaps too much time and research is spent on the enemies of human organisms.

Global contamination can be replaced by ‘global communication’ beginning with the spread of more individual acknowledgment of the problem being within each individual. Acknowledgement and, owning the responsibility for the ‘search and find’ journey needs to, well, ‘go viral’! Individually and collectively, humanity, having not long ago come out of millenniums of living in the forests or caves with clubs, need to see that 99% of technological advancements in history, have been made the last few decades. 99% of fear and anger viruses, sadly, still are epidemic is this world of the clash of ‘viral’ polarities.

Things are for the most part, in ‘reverse’ of what would make for the spread of love globally. Ironically, if more and more people could reach that point of ‘self love’, it would become epidemic in a short time to raise the consciousness of the whole planet. Vilifying and making love into an insignificant aspect of life to just run around spreading the word ‘love’ without it’s self actualization, needs to have the breaks put on with it’s accompanying spread of fear, ignorance, anger, and general unconsciousness. Love can be accessed within moments by sitting and doing simple deep breathing – might only be a glimpse but, let glimpses go viral into ‘self realization’ of it’s internal spread.

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