Desire Love???

56832224_0df11a9167_mDecember 7, 2009
A bridge over troubled water that doesn’t connect to the other side can be deemed analogous to the ‘journey of desire’. For those desiring more love, the result will be continuing to desire what won’t be reached. Desiring is a pretty word for songs of ‘Hollywood romance’ that are akin to fluffy clouds that disperse, changing moments into whatever comes up next. When one has a full enrichment of love, no desire is necessary nor is just desiring going to manifest that which is desired. Always ‘desire’ or, the attachment to desire is a ‘wish that has strings and/or is a bubble of the imagination.

When the seeker is ready, the Master or, best answers will appear as well as, when one is ready for love, under reasonable circumstances, the love will be fulfilled by the merger with it’s energy. That merger begins with how much one loves the self. No desire is necessary but, the shedding of negative barriers that one has become attached to and, the natural incoming flow of a clear energy that can be referred to as ‘love’.
The mind chases what it thinks it wants, without the steps of discovery along the way, that the mind fixates on desiring. The ‘aging process’ is a ‘window closer’ for nearly everything be it a time for this or, a time for that. To desire to become a great athlete is unnecessary if one just follows the passion of the heart for the love of ‘the sport’ and, not the outcome. No person, with all the ‘desire’ they can stir up, can just at any point in life just manifest. Practically speaking, ie., the average adult life is over 35 where the window or opportunity has all but closed on ‘outer desires’ that only lead, anyway, to an extension of that desire. The bridges of desires are bound to fall into oblivion when, just following one’s path of knowing oneself is a bridge over ‘troubled waters’ that connects with all inner divine possibilities.

Trying or desiring is to ‘run in place’ creating only more self doubt, frustration and, general illusion. The ‘non attachment’ to a desire is harmless. Desire in it’s full meaning implies an attachment to an imaginary outcome that will, if reached, will still never be attained, as the ‘carrot’ is always moving in front of one. There is no goal out there to chase. The answers and questions are mental games when the ‘secrets’ are within, hidden in plain sight for those in awareness.


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