tiger in ‘Wrong Bush’

3152001369_f2fcd6ae7b_mDecember 3, 2009
Worse than a sand trap on a windy day is to have to use a ‘driver’ to try and get out of the bushes. However, when the golf club chases you with a passionate, hurtful anger, much gets exposed. Aiming for the right holes, with unparalleled skill in front of millions, takes a skill that has nothing to do with knowing how to use the ‘putter’ in the head and heart of consciousness.

Being the richest athlete in the world is no where near being a Master of the self and, being transparent to the world as well as whatever her name is? Uh, perhaps her name is God?! Hiding in bushes is infantile behavior that needs to be exposed particularly to the ‘bimbo’ men that salivate in front of the TV at their football or golf heroes. Life spent ‘window shopping’ at the TV is to avoid seeing the reality of the self.

Tiger Woods and his perfect yet, false image has millions of kids trying to emulate him instead of finding out that the source of all wisdom and consciousness is within. The real bushes where the ‘goof balls’ are lost, is inside waiting for their exposure and removal. The beginning of moving out of the sand traps and bushes is to make a personal agreement to communicate truthfully. The other half that people choose to be involved with IS THE OTHER HALF!!!! To not cooperate and communicate with compassion to one half of a marriage or partnership doesn’t even make the ‘Amateurs’!

Who should care if he loses part of his billion?! The truth hurts at first, then a heartfelt repentance and, recovery to a stronger position are at hand. In the ’90’s, I was close to a ‘sports icon’ who faced the same thing with exposure in all the news media as well as the law. His career took a dive and, like the Kobe Bryant alleged rape, he did recover after several years to take back his position but, only with hard work and, a divorce.

All foul balls will be either caught immediately or, ‘in time’ as ‘truth looks for them! There is no place to hide for long. It’s wise to be open with those committed to under all circumstances. Freedom really comes stronger in marriages of total sharing and communication, it could be called coming on to the green and to the right hole. Their are 18 holes – communication and love of the game of the ‘divine’ is beyond that of the ‘balls in the bushes’. Money and fame mean being accountable in truth to all and those who hang on to the idol worship.

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