Rollover ‘Habits’

1175218971_fcd2395396_mDecember 5, 2009
Bad habits keep on looping and running on unconsciousness until dropped and replaced by more positive ones. Just like the ‘rollover’ minutes that are on a cellphone each month that are unused minutes for the monthly bill, they are there for use the next month with no charge. Habits, good or bad are ongoing or, rollover but, with no monthly limits! The positive or negative of ‘habit rollover’ are all but guaranteed without awareness and the discernment for a better habit.

Those who have reached the personal heights of consistent love of themselves and consequently seeing the beauty and upside of all life, will find it to be present with little effort. On the other hand, bad habits are the enemy of good ones and, are also addictive as well as, very resistant to ‘upgrades’.

Habits morph into other habits, that are similar, like a chain reaction. For example, one person I know with a drinking problem ‘on hold’ and, a smoking problem ‘on hold’, has other bad habits always coming to the forefront. The habits were always there but, in stopping major bad habits, like habitual drinking, other habits become more visible. Illustrative is John Doe who also has a habit of excessive sugar and salt intake which are two of the major health killers. Habits become unconscious as does the habit of rationalizing them when when confronted. This ‘John Doe’ has a string of bad habits that can’t necessarily be seen if one isn’t in close contact but, they are major barriers to a healthy, loving, long life.

People tend to get into a habit that is misinterpreted as ‘them’ and, not willing to take action by replacing or eliminating the habits. The measure of humanity today consists of infinitely bad habit that paralyze all possibility of living a life of harmony. Bad habits are always insensitive to others creating discomfort, anger, fear, miscommunication and many negatives that are not created in a positive environment.

I’ve seen individuals on their death beds who still have hopes of continuing living but, cling to doing the same bad habits that contributed to their downfall and, if well enough again, would continue them. Pedophiles or sex offenders, for example, rarely change. ‘Street smarts’ today are ‘conscious smarts’ to be able to rise above all past, debilitating forces while moving into the light of being open to all positivity.


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