Precious Moments

25wg5Dec 6, 2009
It’s all up to you! No one else can give you what you hold the key to as an opportunity that no other living animal has … The gift of having the choice of growing spiritually. Any animal can grow physically. Growing in intellect has been replaced by computers for the most part. Now is the time that the heart and being rise to heights beyond mediocrity. Only man can walk with the ‘pinnacles of histories conscious ones’ – no other animal has the choice and, the divine opportunity.

Growing old has little to do with the precious gift of fitting into the ‘suit’ of spiritual consciousness. Traveling the world over infinite times with every experience imaginable as well as success beyond any expectation or, being the best mother, father, husband or wife, has NOTHING to do with the traveling within to find the riches that is each humans birth has the potential of. Mocking the spiritual is to turn ones back on the treasures of life awaiting discovery. Being obnoxious to the love with in with whatever habits one manages to use in avoidance, is to place one in the category of any animal, while ignoring the blessings that humans are endowed with to go beyond.

Wasting life chasing dreams that ignore the journey within is like a gold prospector digging for years to find a treasure that will ultimately prove valueless…if, he even finds it, to see the splendors that life silently awaits those in the heart. Wasting each moment in lieu of chasing anything else while ignoring the gifs within is to have experienced life as any animal would, only with amusements. Amusing the self at the expense of this one opportunity is to ignore seeing and living ‘godliness’. ‘Paradise potions’ can’t be bought!

It’s a ‘trick or treat world’! The treats are both out there and, inside but, the tricks are in the treats of the outer if not seen first within. It’s ‘wakeup’ time, the lights of the world are on as never before for all to see the truths. It is essential at this precious moment to let go of what isn’t ‘really essential’ to living and, walk every moment in an accelerated awareness to see the layers of the flowering bliss that unveils itself. This IS the moment those in the past have dreamed about!

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