Crescent Moon over Manhattan

2166786444_4e6ef83a65_mDecember 2, 2009
It’s been said that the most educated space on the planet is a 2 1/2 by 13 mile space called Manhattan with thousands of residents on any given block. Manhattan is the home of the ‘mass media’ and perhaps the center of ‘global influence’ more so than any other. To live on that ‘island’ in New York City, given enough money to survive, is a kind of ‘nirvana’ particularly for the young and ambitious.

There is a connection with that crescent quarter moon and the ‘five’ pointed star that rests over Manhattan, several days every month, and the Middle East, be it Israel, Iraq or Afghanistan. The tragedy of 9-11 and, the ‘crescent icon’, for much of Islam, will endure for all memory. Once a month on a starry night that crescent moon will serve to be a reminder of the clash of two collective unconsciousnesses, Islam and the West.

There is no place on earth with so many educated,wealthy people who reside piled high on top of each other than in Manhattan. It’s been said that ‘one person can make a difference in the world’. It seems ridiculous that 2.5 million people on a small island that has a strong hand on controlling the money of the world in addition to managing world thought, can’t get together and do all possible to stop the ‘war of corporations’ in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not that simple you might say?! It is! It’s called individually and collectively doing something other than riding elevators and chasing careers without concern for what part of that career feeds the ‘war machine of unconsciousness’.

‘9-11’ is a moniker for distress and help, not a reason to sit back to experience life as usual in ‘apathy and denial’! Living in the luxury of Manhattan, if truth be know and, from my 20 years of experience there, is as far removed from the tens of thousands of towns throughout America as are those towns different than the slums of India. Spiritually, Manhattan is as lame and vacuous as conservative, greedy Orange County in California or, Podunk, USA. Every apartment building in NewYork, be it with dozens or hundreds of people must have ‘one’ of consciousness to inform the other building masses of people to protest ‘wars of greed’ called ‘wars of freedom’. With over 100,000,000 college educated people in the US, certainly some of it should pay off. Technology is decades beyond human development, not to mention the technology that is hidden from us that sources say is centuries beyond what we see. It’s time to raise consciousness to close the gap of spiraling technology. It can start with each individual.

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