Stoned on ‘Ego Love’

Nov. 20, 2009
To be ‘stoned is to be incapacitated into a ‘rigidity’ that paralyzes or restricts some part of the being from experiencing a fluidity of healthy action. Love is susceptible to factors restricting its emergence or expansion to it’s full abilities. Loving pizza or even the dog, is not a representation of a love that, unconditionally, can love another human being (who is not dependent).

Two beings who are short on self love, or in other words ‘love totally who they are’, will not experience unconditional, unrelenting love for each other. They, at best, will experience ‘functional love’ or a type of ‘love hate’ for each other that they, throughout life, together or not, become ‘paralyzed’ in because the ‘gatekeeper’ called the ego, will not bend and open to new, higher possibilities.

The clearing of the space for the ‘heart-mind connection’ for full love capability continuously, is more important than air in the tires of a car. Reduce the air by 25% in all 4 car tires and the ensuing resistance will be quite a drag. Who wants love that underperforms, especially when it’s needed?! Tainted love or love mixed with various expressions of ‘fear’ as in poor communication attributes both during and/or after a relationship are symptomatic of having issues ‘unresolved’. Ignoring just keeps them present for all love in the moment or the future until they are resolved.

Fears in their various expressions like fear of abandonment, angers, hatreds, and all excuses for letting love and compassion fill every moment are ‘love killers’ for life! Self examination, an openness to listen to ‘well meant criticism’, and using various forms of meditation are methods of planting seeds, when cared for, shift fears away and, allow love in.

The ego can be a sponge for all blocks of self love as well as a sponge that dries out into being non usable to absorb and, put love into action 24/7. Air is essential to life, love is in the air, love IS air! Breath deeper with awareness.

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