Slum Communicator

NOVEMBER 19, 2009
Everyone needs love. Everyone is nice … sometimes (even Hitler had his moments). Everyone communicates somehow, sometimes. The quality of the communication is another matter. Words are not necessarily the only measuring stick but, for the majority in this society, they are very significant measures of inner developed assets. People who only talk about ‘things’ from money, to money, fishing, sex, complaining and, on and on, tend to have little substance, compassion, self love and well, any depth for openness to be free to communicate about ‘personal things’.

When those who only talk about ‘things’ stop, there remains an uncomfortableness to communicate with them on anything meaningful. ‘Stuff’ talkers tend to have little empathy for who they’re talking to. In relationships and marriages poor communication is ‘suicide’ to a quality personal connection which, as it happens, is critical to any deep love bonding.

Poor communicators put up a barrier to personal communication and, even suggesting that this is the case and, ‘uncomfortable’, is not easily accepted! With the advent of the internet, millions are ‘saved’ from having to experience significant amounts of personal interaction sometimes finding computer games or porno sites to be fulfilling what amounts to a growing fear of close interaction. Is a society of zombies being produced who live for ‘entertainment’ primarily?

Perhaps part of the problem is a withdrawal into shyness and fear of expressing because of the notion that the other will be judgmental with hurtful response. Always seek people with positive compassion and, feel comfortable in their presence to practice expressing yourself. There are many forms of meditation. One helpful meditation to relax ‘communication fears’, is to either do laughing 15-20 minutes a day, followed by several minutes in silence, with eyes closed, just watching whatever comes up. Another is ‘gibberish’ or, with eyes closed spend at least the same time talking loudly in ‘nonsensical syllables’ followed again by a few minutes of silence with eyes closed. This experience over time will dilute fears of self expression communication.

The world needs more and better personal communication starting with each individual.’ Giving and receiving communication prevents ‘slumming interaction’!


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