Lonely Times

November 17, 2009 Missing your best friend? Perhaps the problem is not having found your real best friend who is more loyal, open, friendly, unconditional, compassionate and all around more insightful and sensitive to your needs? Maybe ?friends? with those characteristics are in the same position and looking for you. Will they be found among relatives and old friends or, perhaps strangers wanting to meet you and your personal qualities?
Loneliness is a disease curable by ?self love? which, is always attainable through awareness of both one?s ?people environment? as well as inner environment. ?Fear of self? is contagious as a barrier to seeing who one really is underneath. The ?looping?
acceptance of clinging to how others see one and, the attachment to their reactions is habit forming. That ?acceptance? slowly becomes enmeshed inside covering up the real heartfelt self. ?Identity theft? is ultimately the result of not taking the time to see that it?s really the misperception of clinging to whom one is not obscuring the beauty that rests inside, safely waiting for discovery and, the self realization that the ego or, false self, dominates because of plain ignorance.
In the inner chambers of ?who one really is?, answers to the ?whys? of life and love are accessible to all to experience. Loneliness is an opportunity to ask oneself ?who is this being lonely?? Why not see the gifts of nature as well as the positive side of all perceptions. Cast away all negative aspects so as to uncover what is left to find the
enjoyment in. Clinging to false perceptions of who we ?think? we are, will follow one to the last days, without accepting ?aloneness? while moving away from loneliness.
While one?s outer environment should be assessed for it?s influence on the discovery of harmony within, the ?best friend? will always be discovering who one really is. Running to and fro with no ?stopping? to absorb the ?breaths of life?, is a merry-go-round going nowhere. The ?search and accumulation? of the stuff on the outside, pales by comparison to the riches available within. Fill the heart and mind with awareness.

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