Collective Consciousness

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December 1, 2009
Jonestown in Guyana, led by the ‘dark reverend’ Jim Jones, was the place where collective (un) consciousness of 900 people resulted in their death. Today, Iraq and Afghanistan continue to represent a war, reaching for a decade, with media fed reasons that are partial truths to continue the killing of hundreds of thousands. Politicians elected by the people and beholden to corporate lobbyists for greedy gain are beating the drums to the collective consciousness of the brave, free, and gullible citizens of America.

A small cadre of individuals too fearful to vote with their heart and intelligence have a negative collective consciousness to ‘sell’ to the sheeple who will form a collective consciousness void of what it means. Make the sheeple deeply ‘feel’ their negative, apathetic, follow-the-crowd demeanor and, the consciousness changes. In the case of our wars, create a ‘war tax’ for everyone and, consciousness will wakes up! Sleeping consciousness is ‘anti-spiritual’ and, will continue to spiral down until it hurts the collective common sense of the individual.

Individually and collectively, we can change the consciousness of the planet for both now and for future generations and, it all begins with you and I. Collective consciousness is ‘crowd consciousness’ and VERY powerful. At this stage in human development we are experiencing the ‘karma’ of past human fear driven actions. Technology booming is the result of a consciousness that feeds on itself to invent and improve every product that is sold. ‘Human behavioral mindset’ is not paralleling the technological advancements and, will ultimately increase it’s collision course resulting in a global breakdown and the possible eradication of all humanity.

Each one can make a difference to counter the war between technological, fear based controlling consciousness and, the masses following the ‘controllers’ as ‘lemmings’ flock ing to the sea to drown themselves. Each person controls a ‘collective accumulation of thoughts, feelings and attitudes, that control daily actions which in turn glom onto others like minded. Make your very being filled with the awareness and love that is available to all and, attract the same openness, seeking the power of a ‘superconsciousness’. Let awareness and love be the replacement for the ‘Jim Jones’ kool-aid that will put a light into life on earth.

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