When to Pull Out

371989690_58db4d5842_mNovember 13, 2009
An American dilemma when it comes to Iraq or Afghanistan and yet, a personal block as well – ‘When to pull out’? It’s a time to take as much responsibility as possible to make the best choice for one’s own life and the lives of others. Side effects must always be considered. When to make the decision to ‘pull out’ of any situation that compromises
positive, common sense situations?

The ‘secret’ is always in the wisdom of discernment and compassion for any circumstance. ‘Getting out’ when in difficulty is always a challenge from, saving face to ‘doing what will make the ‘tomorrow’s’ more pleasant. The ‘courage’, on the other hand, to move to places beyond a ‘retreat’ however, is where growth and insights present themselves. Doing and going into uncharted territory has merits but, with keen sensitivity and awareness. Fools rush in and ‘stay in’ long after wisdom says otherwise.

To enjoy the initial delight of sinking in quicksand through ignorance and unawareness of the coming moments with their implications, is tantamount to taking the risks of an unknown psychedelic drug in complete disregard of impending loss of control. My experience is that youth is easily charmed into the risk taking that few would take a few years later. Marching into ‘Hell for a Perceived Heavenly Cause’ without examining the poor odds of fulfillment of what the imagination stirs, is venturing into the ‘oh, shit’ zone.

Take awareness, with examination and discernment away and, humans are like neanderthals thrust into the future. This is the state of worldly affairs today from the individual to the wars of futility. Having worked on Wall St. for nearly 20 years, I can attest to thousands who usually were very accomplished in college with stars in their eyes of making millions in the financial markets only to see that 10 to 12 hour work days, 6 days per week alongside other ‘sharp’ people from the past 40 or more years is their unforeseen barrier at the bottom of the box! Without endless passion, self love, patience and, the ability to overlook prior expectations, the road can be like mountain climbing in a snowstorm having forgotten enough warm clothing. The good news is, one rarely has to pull out of the genuine ‘love of the experience’.


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