Monkeys to Humanoids

2567772104_2558e02457_mNovember 14, 2009
Humanity has not happened yet! This morning on the news was a piece on the ‘mischief’ of monkeys in the cities of India where gangs of them roam the streets jumping on cars, fruit stands and, anything appealing – in other words, paying little attention to ‘conscious decisions’ that are sensitive to others. Humans, for the most part, do they same thing only not so ‘blatant’.

Humans still are just above the ‘monkey’ and, having not that long ago, been presented with ‘technology’ that allows them unprecedented freedoms often used for ‘monkeying around’. We live in a time of ‘primitive consciousness’ where society is still, in regards to consciousness, very unevolved. The monkeys gather their ‘stashes’ of food, people spend most of their lives in pursuit of ‘stuff’ that masks their ‘love of self’ and, pursuit of a ‘heaven on earth’.

What can be more exciting than making this revolving graveyard of trillions of dead who came before, into a ‘paradise among planets’? Societies as they are must disappear be it Sweden, Italy, Germany, India, Japan or, the Christians and Muslims – on and on. These ‘separators’ are more and more meaningless. What has resulted other than ‘ethnic food and thousands of wars as well as incestuous breeding except during war when soldiers from foreign lands impregnate the locals? Tear down the ‘walls of non communication’!

The politicians and religious leaders have used this ignorance to perpetuate endless conflicts that keep humans on a treadmill of lower mind and heart, going no where. The ‘hocus pocus’ leaders somewhere in time got their hands on the ‘buttons’ and, keep passing on the ‘vile privilege’ from incestuous family to family. We must see beyond the blinders.

Open minded and loving people with awareness in consciousness will evolve into a humanity resembling ‘godliness’ instead of ‘apes, monkeys and baboons’. The ‘animal’ must disappear for humanity to blossom beyond the ‘idiot and moron’ state into ‘humans’. The vast majority are still ‘idiots’ needing to move to the transition stage of ‘moron’ or ‘more on’ where all ‘sensitive attributes’ are learned before becoming HUMAN!

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