Joy of Self Loathing

3522027803_1cb332d2f8_mNovember 11, 2009
Always looking for the excitement but, only finding the dark nite of the soul. Disguised self abuse coupled with denial of taking responsibility for changing the cards dealt in life
never works. Patterns of living are rarely given the attention to ‘reset’ if not working. We all grow into having ‘choices’. In olden times, from the first part of the 20th century back, for the more advanced countries to the caveman, humans were saddled with little information to move beyond life’s dilemmas and obstacles to move on the highways of personal happiness.

Life was usually just playing out the hand dealt from childhood. Most still have not awoke to the new reality of ‘choosing to make life the best possible’ while selecting the infinite ‘helpers’ now easily available. ‘Life chosen’ doesn’t have to be like this example of the monkey:

The way to catch a monkey is to use a box with a small opening at the top- big enough for the monkey to slide its hand inside. Inside the box are nuts to lure the
monkeys. The monkey will grab the nuts with its hand and forms a fist. When the monkey tries to get its hand out, the opening will be too small for the fist to come
out. The monkey has a choice to either let go of the nuts in order to escape or to hang on to the nuts and get captured. It is sad that the monkey will hold on to
the nuts and risks being caught.

Addiction to an unhealthy life style becomes an uncomfortable, comfortable routine of snoozing through the bramble bushes of a rough semblance of the joyous life we are entitled to. Drugs, booze, apathy, nursing on ancient religious dogma, and infinite behaviors contributing and reinforcing ‘self loathing’ produce a life like failed ancestors who had not nearly the opportunities that all have today to lead a harmonious life. Life’s dissonance around the world starts with one individual too
selfish to make a positive difference. The ‘lights are on’, time to take the dark blinders off and climb out of dispair and ignorance into the light.

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