Anorexic Love

Nov. 10, 2009
You begin the relationship with a great amount of passion. As soon as the person
falls in love with you… grow cold. The love that starves itself, is not
‘organic love’ or, put another way, is filled with ‘substitutes’ for self love.
The more unavailable men are the more desirable ones. Without a man
project…….. the ‘anorexic lover’ is empty and incomplete…..

There is an epidemic of ‘retractible love’ that continues looping from mother
to daughter and father to son. It’s been said that over half the world is food
starved. Certainly nearly all of the world is ‘love starved’ and or, abused by
those that ‘cut love off’ with no compassion for the dear victim that they so
seeming genuinely gave eye to eye and heart to heart love often just a short
time before ‘shooting’ the
beloved dead to fend for themselves through perhaps
years of broken heart ache. Not uncommon, particularly in the large cities
where people can disappear from responsibility far easier than in small towns
where facing ‘damage’ is always around the corner, this type of ‘anorexic love’
can become ‘serial anorexic love’ that has many victims over the years.

No less than love’s most important attribute, is to be aware of continuing the
love and compassion as long as the ‘ex’ is in need (with common sense of course).
Authentic love is never for one person but morphs into the moment and situation
with sensitivity for all, even the former or ones that have come into the same
wavelength but with consideration of all circumstances as well as with open
communication and honesty where compassion is wanted.

When one has an open heart with awareness and, has at least a
‘encounters of the close kind’, it becomes apparent to the mind that different
people, when in love with them, are really like the same person. That may well
be a shock for those with little experience with at least a few loves or, a quietly
guarded personal discovery, but nonetheless, very true. In a sense, we make
love to ourselves, especially in a deep place of love, both know it.

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