Smoking Stunts Love

128002363_9cda14a2ed_mOctober 25, 2009
Brains by Harvard, self love by ‘illusion’! A cup or more of sugar per day may create the illusion that all is fine but, what one doesn’t care to know, can and will, hurt you. As children are told that ‘smoking stunts growth’, adults who want to experience the fullness of love, need to recognize that smoking anything, including purportedly ‘safe cigarettes’ stunts ‘love’s magnificence’. Observation and denial of that is clouded in smoke, with false deductions.

Past, present and future smokers on a path of ‘the importance of self love’ and, love of another that shines through time, need to go inside and find out why the aberrant, abnormal behavior persists beyond all conscious reasoning. The ‘ego’ spins the reasons why to smoke denying clear reasons for it’s ‘death kneel’. The brain functions well on some levels of activity but the heart coupled with the brain becomes crippled, even if the ‘human ashtray’ doesn’t see it.

There was a time when the young thought it to be ‘cool’ to have that James Dean ‘fag’ hanging from the mouth. Many of those ‘cool nincompoops’ who chose to keep the habit or change it for another bad one, are ill or, dead. Perhaps those who died have ‘reincarnated’ with the imprint to continue smoking – who knows! Beyond ‘ashtray people kissing other ashtray people’, anyone wanting a ‘walking ashtray’ in the home, has serious ‘self love’ problems.

Cigarettes or, anything smoked, even if it’s a few puffs throughout the day, is likely an addiction akin to a milder form of cocaine called ‘crack’. Smoking is punishable by an early death! That earlier death is preceded by ‘love’ being replaced with some semblance of ‘clouded twinkling’ of luv, assumed by delusion of biological reverberations, to be something to brag about to whomever is ‘dumbed down’ enough to lack the awareness to see through the smoke.

With more than 1/2 the population dumbed down by drugs (cigarettes are a drug) or, over medicated, it’s the ‘blind watching the blind’! The cure – go to jail – smokers quit real quick there or, just drop the habit DEAD! Worst case, try ‘meditations for smokers’!
If the smoke and, ‘why for’s’ clear the casing of you (called the body), it will be a slow realization that there is something, somewhere, a feeling … the air. One day, the answer will be ‘love is in the air’, not smoke! Yeah….Really! Oh… my gosh!!

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