Sleeping with ‘Friendemy’

2845238839_ff63b978fd_mOctober 23, 2009
Friend today … who knows what tomorrow? Likely the thought never occurs in the moment. Friends are ‘friendships’, ships passing in the night, in all likely hood. Ships are made to float and, sadly sometimes are friend-ships. Rarely are they void of the ‘enemy’ lurking behind the often enjoyable facade of being a ‘friend’. Sad, but anyone being less than a true friend who comes disguised as ‘fair weather’, must be enjoyed in the moment but with little expectations.

Friends who really mean well and, with little ‘baggage’ are the next best thing to a friend who is truly a friend to themselves. No real friend, even if they aren’t as close as one would like, will shut the door to future connections in this crazy moving world. Sometimes a ‘friend’ has a motive. A motive that they are not willing to share openly – that ‘one’ may be a ‘friend-enemy’ just passing through a small part of one’s life. Sometimes better to befriend an enemy who becomes a friend than the mirage of a friend who easily becomes, in some form or other, the antithesis of a friend.

The question should always arise ‘are you really a friend’ for the moment or, a lasting one that, as circumstances change, like moving away a long distance or, getting married, still remains true to the previous bond and good memories? A friend should always have value in the heart and, not relegated to a ‘commodity’ that’s essentially, disposable.

Friendliness is a form of godliness and should universally be expressed, at the very least, using some ‘measured form’ with sincerity (meaning, there are a minority who assume friendliness to be an unintended invitation to further the opening). Most people are strangers and, if given an opportunity, could become, through initial friendliness, friends beyond any anticipation. The best friend is ‘you’ finding the self love within that is with you during the good and, challenging times. But, ‘the enemy’, is also within most! The ‘mythical Jesus, said ‘love your enemies’ – and, if recognition of that enemy starts inside, make it a special friendship!

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