Pedophilia & Cheating

7991766_3c2539ac09_mOctober 22-09
Discovery of having been ‘cheated on’, by the partner victim, can be a devastating, prolonged, emotional experience that, especially when children are involved, inevitably affects them. Truth and honesty go a long way in curtailing collateral damage that never had to be and, results in complicating many lives into the future.

Cheating on a partner is just representative of not using communication skills that likely were not developed in the beginning of a relationship. Love is misunderstood and overvalued when ‘communication and agreements’ are not formed and, part of everyday living. All people have a greater openness when communicated and agreed upon with love, trust and, compassion for each other. Those qualities are certainly an antidote to the need to go beyond them. Proper bonding always alleviates the need to break the once cherished connections.

Rarely are partners brought together without both of them having issues of various insecurities that need sensitive understanding. The issues come largely from a childhood that adulthood has not yet allowed growing to heal and, likely may never. A ‘cheating trauma’ can add to already unresolved issues like ‘abandonment fears’. All intelligent partners discuss their needs for love and sex even if with others and, reach
a comfortable arrangement that serves them both and, not to the detriment of either. There is no secret agenda where consciousness exists.

What prompted writing this was watching a sad story on the news of the worst form of pedophilia, rape and killing of a 7 year old girl in Georgia who had been walking home from school with her 2 siblings when a disagreement broke out and she ended up walking alone. No plan was on this killers mind for abducting anyone, just an opportunity. The ‘male part of humankind’ is filled with ‘barbarism’ still. A whole family, relatives, the town and all who followed it, are left in pain – some never ending. Cheating whether ‘pedophilia’ or not, doesn’t engender love and harmony. Heal cheating or better yet, communicate with mutual, positive workable agreements.

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