Emotional Cripple

51102705_ef1b4af839_mOctober 24, 2009
Everyone can heal and, be stronger more so than ever before in history. Not long ago, and certainly still in most of the world, emotional damage was a permanent blemish on which to continue through life. Drugs and over medication, seem to be the dark popular way in this country, creating frequent clouds and storms while inviting in the peddlers (demons) of instant temporary gratification.

The mind and heart, not fully developed to maturity and, self love, is very susceptible to situations that create the many manifestations of fear from ‘abandonment’ to death. Maturing is to grow to full possibilities of converting all situations that might occur into deeper compassion for others with similar happenings and, a deeper feeling of life’s meanings.

There is often no escape from emotionally trying happenings but, to let go of clinging to the negative shadows of memory that can follow one throughout life especially in personal situations. The common mistake is to sweep things under the rug while adding a greater and greater accumulation of these impediments to a blissful, harmonious living. At no time in existence, has life for many provided more and better answers to assist rising through and above that which often crippled one emotionally, mentally and spiritually for life if not shortening it. Receiving available help from the myriad of sources and, from that experience, helping others to heal is a means of further healing the self while doing one’s part in making it a better world.

Meditation techniques to create a harmony and peace within while letting go of attachments that serve to weigh one down, are much more available. Guidance in meditations is preferred to accompany them along with sound common sense thoughts of how to use the internal clearing to move away from former blockages. The best assistance is usually free with some compassionate form of reciprocity. The old methods of emotional healing which waned at the end of the 20th century still linger in a society which is slow to adjust. Awareness, love, and common sense are always friends looking for company for the asking! It’s a crime not to fix the self!

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