2799390833_87045c1140_mOctober 19, 2009
Each relationship is an experience from beginning to end, in between is the ‘journey’. It’s like a new car or home, exciting at first and plagued or enhanced with a myriad of circumstances that represent the maintenance or, lack thereof that went into it. Trips need preparation or the consequences will find the cracks or, what wasn’t prepared. Each relationship has a path that in many cases has been set before it’s begun.

Strong compassion, communication, and empathy following mature self love will provide a cushioned journey regardless of what happens beyond everyday interaction. Unresolved corrections of issues and circumstances will result in a ‘rocky journey’ that will suffer from unpreparedness. Always a sensitive concern for the welfare of the other in all situations is reflective of love’s natural response.

Being ready for marriage is always an issue that needs careful consideration before entering partnerships but, even more, if it should arise, is preparation for a smooth parting of the ways with the welfare of the other in mind and, ascertaining whether the communication is sufficient so the other agrees. Every step of life’s way is an opportunity to watch and see what the outcome of each journey’s step is teaching. Growing individually and together is tantamount to giving love the impetus to always be fresh.

Getting stuck in ‘squabbling’ is like spinning tires in the mud, getting deeper and deeper into an impossible situation. A ‘life line’ will be needed to pull one out of a never ending erosion of life’s quality. That ‘life line’ is always reaching within to find the highest possible choice. Lost on the track of love particularly, love that can’t seem to find itself, needs one to stop and use one or more of the many forms of meditation to recharge ‘elusive love’. In the many Osho Books of meditations to relax, are dozens of simple methods from which to choose, many being from centuries of proven help. Love can be resurfaced by choice of a meditation that opens the heart’s channels. Life is short, the trip is long, better hurry!

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